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Thank you, Mackenzie, from charity: water’s founder

Howard Lake | 9 September 2011 | News

What a wonderful example of a thank you to a supporter. It’s even better when you know that Mackenzie is just six years old.
This is charity: water founder Scott Harrison thanking Mackenzie for giving up his sixth birthday as a part of the nonprofit’s September Campaign 2011.
It’s personal, engaging, and it’s the boss of the charity saying thank you. That really is impressive.
And clearly charity: water has a whole YouTube channel dedicated to these personal thank yous:
How did they create these video thank yous? At first I thought it was some clever video personalisation, like that from Vismail as explained by Michael Kaufmann in 2008. Instead, they made one after another. As part of charity: water’s fifth birthday celebrations, they decided to thank 250 or so donors by video. In addition, a host of volunteers and interns came in to the nonprofit’s offices to make phone calls and send emails to say thank you. It took a week for the volunteer video editors to put them all together.
Here is what they did:




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