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Charity marketing emails second most likely to be opened

Consumers are more likely to open marketing emails from charities than from insurance or leisure and entertainment companies, according to new research from online marketing group IPT.
The travel sector achieved the highest open rates of 43.9%, with charities reaching 28.9%. Financial services came in third place at 27.5%, followed by leisure and entertainment with 25.2% and insurance at 24.1%.
However, the charity sector had the lowest clickthrough rate. At just 3.1% the charity sector lagged considerably behind the 15.6% achieved by the leisure and entertainment sector, 15.4% of the insurance sector, 12% of the travel sector, and 4.9% of the financial sector.
The study was carried out in the final quarter of 2002 and was commissioned by IPT subsidiaries Emailbureau and IMRS.



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