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NSPCC raises £75,000 through recycling campaign

Howard Lake | 7 September 2011 | News

NSPCC has reached its 2011 fundraising target of £75,000 ahead of schedule working with Lincolnshire-based The Recycling Factory. The income has been raised this year through the recycling of donated inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges, mobile phones and more recently electronic gadgets. The campaign has raised over £330,000 for the charity since 2005.
The Recycling Factory says that at least 30 million ink cartridges and 90 million mobile phones are dumped in the UK each year. So far the company has raised almost £2 million for its charity partners. It collects and remanufactures over 700,000 inkjet and toner cartridges each month at its site in Boston, Lincolnshire.