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FluidSurveys joins CTT’s Technology donation programme

Technology company has added its online survey tool FluidSurveys has joined CTT’s technology donation programme, CTXchange. This will give more charities access to a tool that allows organisations quickly to gather and analyse informal data through online surveys, forms, or polls.
Eligible organisations can receive a donation of a one-year subscription to the online Pro version of FluidSurveys. They can renew this subscription annually, provided they continue to be eligible in each year. The FluidSurveys donation is available to organisations with annual operating budgets of £300,000 or less.
CTXchange enables eligible UK registered charities and charitable housing associations to receive hardware and software products, donated by leading brands, to support their operations. CTXchange is part of a global network, operated by TechSoup.
Richard Craig, CEO of CTT, said: “FluidSurveys will enable eligible organisations to use online surveys to gather valuable feedback on their programs and services, allowing them to improve and further develop how they operate”.