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Givey lets donors give via SMS and Twitter

Howard Lake | 23 May 2011 | News

Mobile fundraising tool Givey is being launched today, offering donors the facility to give tax-efficiently through SMS and social media platforms such as Twitter, with Facebook being added “in the near future”. As well as offering instant donations, the service focuses on securing Gift Aid declarations from all qualifying donors, aiming to address the Gift Aid that is lost on many micro-donations of under £10.
The platform is being unveiled on the day that the Government presented its new Giving white paper outlining its proposals to expand and enhance charitable giving.
Givey has been developed by David Erasmus, one of the social entrepreneurs dubbed the ‘Nexters’ by the Big Society Network. He describes the service as an electronic wallet, which links to a donor’s PayPal account, from which they can make donations when they wish. Erasmus said: “Givey allows those followers to become donors whilst they spread the word about the charities they love, and allows the opportunity to make an instant financial response to a campaign or appeal. Making a donation is literally as simple as sending a tweet or a text.”

Givey from Fix the Sky Productions on Vimeo.

Nine charities are registered to benefit from Givey on launch day, including British Red Cross, RNLI and The Rainbow Children’s Trust. The service is open to all registered charities provided they are part of Ebay for Charity’s MissionFish database. Givey, part of mobile specialists Cubate Ltd, is free for charities to register, and takes 5% of each donation to cover transaction and administration fees.


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