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Oxfam develops fundraising event for under-fives

Howard Lake | 9 May 2011 | News

The Big Zoom is a new way for children under five to raise funds for Oxfam. The event takes place between 13 and 19 June 2011 and is focused around vehicles and movement.

It has been created in partership with Playforce, which specialises in the design and creation of innovative, curriculum-linked play environments for children in schools and early years settings, and its sister company Poddely.

Nurseries, crèches, playgroups, and parents are being encouraged to organise their own Big Zoom, by setting up a short course for children to zoom around, whilst raising money. Children can choose any wheeled vehicle that they like to ride on – from scooters to skates, bikes to trikes, and prams to pushchairs.


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Children can zoom around one big circuit or laps of a smaller course, and organisers can add to the fun with slalom cones, ramps and obstacles. Money can be raised through sponsorship, or by charging an entrance fee for each Big Zoom event.

Sandra Wilkinson, Product Manager for the Oxfam Big Zoom, said: “We’re very pleased that Playforce are supporting Oxfam and the Big Zoom. Their innovative and educational Poddely play equipment adds to the fun of the Big Zoom and their support helps Oxfam to make a difference to the lives of poor people around the world.”