Foresters and CLIC Sargent raise nearly £250,000

Howard Lake | 16 February 2007 | News

International financial services organisation Foresters have helped raise nearly £250,000 last year for children’s cancer charity, CLIC Sargent, through a community events programme sponsored by Foresters. This is the highest amount raised since the two organisations started to work together over three years ago.

Foresters UK Membership Director, Steve Dilworth, confirmed Foresters will sponsor at least ten of CLIC Sargent’s Community Fundraising Events in the coming year.

He explained why sponsoring events at a local rather than a national level works so well for both organisations. “Foresters don’t have shareholders so we can focus more on our members,” he said, “helping them to make a real difference in their communities.


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“CLIC Sargent has a very strong Community Fundraising team whose innovative events are not only great sponsorship vehicles but allow our members right across the UK to get involved hands on.

“What’s more CLIC Sargent’s focus on providing services in the communities where the children and families they help live means that our members can see that the funds they’ve helped to raise make a real and tangible difference.”