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Barnardo's benefits from KPMG computer clear-out

Howard Lake | 19 April 2011 | News

Children’s charity Barnardo’s is to receive a delivery of laptops after its corporate partner has upgraded its IT equipment.
The items, which are in perfect working order, are being donated to more than 100 schools and charities around the UK, including Barnardo’s, and are worth around £100,000.
Allan McLaren, Barnardo’s Assistant Director of Fundraising said: “When at home some of our most disadvantaged young people, particularly those not in employment, education or training, do not have the means to look for jobs, draft CVs or improve their IT skills. These laptops will help make that possible. Giving them equipment which allows them to become more proactive really will make a massive difference to the life chances of some of the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people.”
KPMG has a two-year charity partnership with Barnardo’s, after it was voted KPMG’s People Charity by staff.