Mapping the impact of funding cuts

Howard Lake | 26 January 2011 | Blogs is a “collaborative project which maps intelligence about voluntary groups experiencing reductions in public sector funding”. It’s a project contributed to by the likes of ACEVO, NAVCA, VONNE, NICVA, and Volunteering England.
They are encouraging any “voluntary or community group which has been told its statutory funding will be reduced” to log the details so that the sector as a whole can track developments and the impact of the cuts.
Its creators say: “This vital data will be all the more powerful through being made available to everyone: any group can use the information in their campaigning and policy work, while citizens can see the real impact on the voluntary organisations in their area and the people they exist to serve”.
The aim of the site is to gather and make publicly available the data, and for the voluntary sector to own the data. So far 110 cuts have been reported, worth £24,312,814.
You can take part at the website at
or via this embedded form.

I’m sure this initiative will be lauded as a fine example of the Big Society in practice – charities collaborating, doing something for themselves at low cost, using new technology. I’ll let you ponder the irony that charities and umbrella bodies are placed in the position of having to create such a resource…

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