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Live chat on trust fundraising with Gary Wiltshire

Howard Lake | 24 June 2009 | News

Gary Wiltshire, editor of Funding Information, will be taking part in a free live chat on The Charity Place this morning from 11.00 – 12.00.

Wiltshire wrote his first grant application in 1972 and has been working with grant making trusts and grant-seeking organisations ever since. He believes that effective trust fundraising is all about preparation and the integration of fundraising into all aspects of an organisation’s other fundraising and its work as a whole.

He has edited the subscription-based Funding Information for over 20 years, covering new sources of grants, changes to existing giver’s guidelines, and future directions in fundraising in general.


Why your supporters are wealthier than you think... Course by Catherine Miles. Background photo of two sides of a terraced street of houses.

Wiltshire is optimistic about what trust fundraisers can achieve, despite the recession.

He said: “Despite the apparent competition, there is still plenty of scope for organisations to raise new money from trusts and other grant sources. Why? Because most of the applications that grant makers receive are rubbish. (Though, sadly, most won’t admit to that in public at least).

“Applications are badly researched, poorly written, and do a disservice to the most important people in the process: the beneficiaries of the work the grant is intended for.”

You can register for the free online chat.