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£1,000,000 donors

I daresay I wasn’t the only one to be a bit surprised to read of the recent £1,000,000 donation that the actor Ricky Tomlinson (Royle Family, etc) made to Ronald McDonald House. He has a reputation for supporting a number of charities, and I can remember hearing of his political activism when he started to hit the big time on Brookside (!), but I never had him down as a potential £1,000,000 donor. But then, what would I know? How little we know about the wealth of people.
As a matter of interest, he donated £200,000 to the Cheshire and North Wales Human Milk Bank in 2008, so he clearly has form.
Keep up the good work Ricky.
How many potential £1,000,000 have you got on your database?

Finbar Cullen


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