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Fundraising Standards Board launches public giving campaign

The Fundraising Standards Board is launching a public campaign to encourage the public to ‘Give With Confidence’ this Christmas. Backed by Minister of the Third Sector, Angela Smith, the Give With Confidence campaign aims to boost charitable giving this Christmas, following the nationwide fall in donations over the past year.

The campaign is also designed to remind the public of the high professional standards of fundraising in the UK, and of the role of the FRSB in regulating fundraising and promoting best practice.

The FRSB is working with MPs across the country, who are supporting this call by urging their local constituents to give.


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Angela Smith, Minister of the Third Sector, stressed the importance of best practice in fundraising, calling on charities and suppliers to become members of the FRSB.

She said: “The Fundraising Standards Board is performing a key role in not only regulating fundraising, but providing charities with a way to demonstrate their commitment to best practice and to build confidence amongst the general public.

“Members are leading the way in championing the highest fundraising standards and communicating that commitment to their supporters. I would encourage charities and suppliers to sign up to the UK’s independent self-regulatory scheme for fundraising”.

Alistair McLean, Chief Executive of the FRSB, explained the reason for the campaign. “Donations have dropped by as much as 11% on last year“, he said, “and yet charitable services are more in demand than ever before. Fundraisers across the country are doing a fantastic job in raising money during such difficult times. But, we are keen to do what we can to support our members at what has traditionally been the peak time for charitable giving.”

Launched in 2007, the FRSB commits its 1,100 members to the highest standards of fundraising practice, encouraging donors to ‘give with confidence’. The scheme logo, displayed by all members, is a public commitment to best fundraising practice, to being honest, legal and open in their fundraising activities.