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New grants for schools for home-linked e-learning projects

Howard Lake | 21 September 2009 | News

The e-Learning Foundation is seeking applications to its latest round of funding designed to help disadvantaged children have access to technology for their studies at home as well as at school.

While schools are better equipped with technology than ever before, the variation in the quality of learning that takes place in the home is considerable.

Valerie Thompson, Chief Executive of the e-Learning Foundation, said: “There is something in this year’s grants round for everyone, from new schools launching a programme for the first time to schools who have already made good progress in equipping their pupils with the resources they need, and wanting to extend that to yet more pupils and, for the first time, for schools to nominate individual pupils for support who fall outside all the existing programmes.”


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To apply for an e-Learning Foundation grant, schools must be affiliated to the Foundation. Schools who are not affiliated, and do not fall within the scope of the local e-Learning Foundations in Birmingham, Lambeth and Berkshire, should contact the e-Learning Foundation for details.

Schools looking to apply for a grant should note that they will be required to address the issue of connectivity. Having a computer at home, but not being able to go online will leave the child at a disadvantage in terms of their studies.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on October 12 2009.