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Do you have trouble accessing the Sunday Times Rich List online?

I occasionally have trouble accessing the Sunday Times Rich List online. I thought that it was very irritating for such a useful resource to be unavailable, so I used the online facility to report a problem. The reply that I received surprised me (dimwit that I occasionally am). There was not a problem with the site, but there was with cookies from previous visits to the website.

Anyway, if you have trouble accessing the website, and either don’t have much in the way of IT support (er that’s me, in this instance), here is what you can do:

Click the refresh icon on your browser’s toolbar to refresh the page. Should the correct page fail to display, previous pages may have cached on your computer. PC users, should hold CTRL and click F5 to refresh the page while ignoring any cached versions of the page. Mac users should hold the Apple key and click R.


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If the log in page appears again you need to continue to try the above recommendations. Do Not Use any favourite links as these have probably become corrupted and will cause you to keep viewing the same error page.

Should the Meta Refresh (CTRL+F5) option not be enabled on your machine, you can delete any cookies and temporary internet files manually, by right clicking the Start button on your desktop and selecting Explore, then opening the folders marked Cookies and Temporary Internet Files.

Microsoft Internet Explorer users can use the shortcut buttons by clicking:

Tools>Internet Options>Delete Cookies/Delete Files

Should you experience any further difficulties, contact cu******@ti*********.uk with a full description of the problem.

Good luck

Finbar Cullen