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Blackbaud SONI survey closes on 8 July

Howard Lake | 30 June 2009 | News

The annual State of the Not-For-Profit Industry (SONI) survey, the pan-European benchmarking study, closes for submissions on 8 July 2009.

Developed by Blackbaud Europe in association with the Resource Alliance, the SONI 2009 survey is open to all not-for-profits operating within the UK, Germany, Holland, France and, for the first time, Spain and Italy.

Results will be revealed at this year’s IFC (International Fundraising Congress), 20-23 October 2009 in the Netherlands.


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Blackbaud and the Resource Alliance are encouraging charities to take part beforethe deadline to ensure the data is as extensive as possible.

The results will help charities and not-for-profits benchmark their operations across four key areas:

1. General operations (staffing levels, budgets, service delivery requirements and organisational challenges)

2. Fundraising (top methods in terms of income and investment, increase or decrease for each fundraising method against the previous year and predictions for the next 12 months, and methods most commonly used to communicate with donors)

3. Technology and Internet Usage (use of new media techniques and social networking, and database requirements)

4. Accountability and Stewardship (looking at transparency of expenditure)

The SONI survey has been conducted by Blackbaud annually in the United States since 2003 and has also been run in Asia Pacific since 2005. The survey was introduced to the United Kingdom in 2007, and extended to Europe in 2008.

“The SONI survey is an incredible study that enables not-for-profits to benchmark their operations against others throughout Europe in what has become a global playing field,” said Andrew Mosawi, Blackbaud’s vice president of international business development.

The 2009 SONI will remain open until 8 July 2009.