Experian helps boost Leukaemia Research's average donation by 26%

National research charity Leukaemia Research has increased its average donation values by 26% in direct marketing trials after using Prime Performance Modelling from Experian, the global information solutions company. The charity plans to continue using the tool to acquire new donors in the UK.

Experian has combined the charity’s donor data with its National Canvasse and Canvasse Lifestyle databases, and is using Prime Performance Modelling’s profiling, segmentation and modelling techniques to enable the charity to access critical volumes of accurately targeted, responsive data.

It will also help it identify the highest performing multiple segments within its donor databases to locate the best prospects, and to tap into niche segments where return on investment is high and not over-saturated by direct marketing offers from other charities.


Richard Hogg, DM Manager for Leukaemia Research, said: “As illustrated by the significant increase in gift values we experienced during trials, the level of insight provided by Prime Performance Modelling will enable us to greatly enhance the return from our donor acquisition campaigns.”