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Acceptable charity and third sector schmoozing

Are you a schmoozer?  Do you use schmoozing to work a room full of potential donors or partners or just when attending an even or conference?  According to an article I saw recently, schmoozing is a vital networking skill and is not in fact a load of old cobblers!  The art of schmoozing is defined as:

“To converse informally, to chat, or to chat in a friendly and persuasive manner especially so as to gain favour, business, or connections.”
For most of us involved in communications, fundraising or general management, this seems like an important skill to have.  However, schmoozing has a bit of a reputation for not being appropriate in the third sector, even though certain aspects make a lot of sense.

Ever keen to learn from the best of both the commercial and other sectors, I’ve suggested a few thoughts as to what might constitute acceptable schmoozing when networking in the third sector…


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What do you think?  What’s worked for you?