Good Fundraising Code reaches 125 sign-ups

Howard Lake | 1 April 2009 | News

The Good Fundraising Code has achieved 125 subscribers one month after it was set up by the Practical Fundraising Association (PFA). The simple four-point code was established by the PFA because “many causes cannot afford the fees other codes charge to agree to adhere to their standards”.
Gareth Edwards, co-founder of the Practical Fundraising Association, said: “It is no surprise to us that so many charities are joining our free code. So many causes found it objectionable to have to pay a fee to appear worthy in their donors’ eyes, and the Good Fundraising Code has tapped into this. At present rate, we hope to grow our membership by at least 50 members per month.”
The PFA will this month introduce a free discussion forum “to enable subscribers to support each other in discussion the principles of the code, best practice and complaints procedures”.
Organisations do not need to be members of the Practical Fundraising Association to subscribe to the code.

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