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Trocaire aims for €10 million

Howard Lake | 24 March 2009 | News

Irish Third World charity Trocaire is hoping to raise €10 million during its current Lenten campaign, according to Leona Kavanagh, the charity’s fundraising and marketing manager.
Trocaire has produced a new TV ad for the Lenten campaign which was made with the help of a small group of locals in northern Kenya.
The ad, which shows scenes of turmoil and displacement from a child’s perspective, was shot in the desert, with a small Irish crew put together by ad agency Chemistry. Called Hiding Places, the ad was produced by Gary Moore and directed by Brian O’Malley. Its child ‘star’ is a seven-year-old local boy called Wilson.
Trócaire always does its biggest fundraising during Lent, choosing a different theme to focus on each year. The charity has also sent out 1.3 million collection boxes to school children.
Most of Trócaire’s Lenten donations come from parish and school collections, with the remainder donated directly online or by phone.
Kavanagh said this year did look like a difficult year for donations. Audited figures are not available, but it’s estimated that Trócaire’s year-on-year revenue has fallen 7 per cent to around €31 million to the end of February. Its Christmas revenue was down 15 per cent.