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Simon Community NI launches new campaign

Howard Lake | 11 January 2011 | News

Homelessness charity Simon Community Northern Ireland has launched a new campaign entitled ‘I have moved’ to raise awareness and funding.
The campaign comes as Simon’s latest accounts show that the charity’s income fell from £7.6 million to £7.2 million between 2008 and 2009.
Accounts for 2009 show Simon’s general drop in income was due mostly to a decline in voluntary income which was £1.5 million in 2008 and £1.25 million in 2009.
Within voluntary income the most dramatic decline was in grants which fell from £969,969 to £382,160. Gifts and donations increased from £456,998 to £589,348 while legacies jumped from £77,507 to £275,792.
Shops income was £168,148 while shop expenses were £130,633. Fundraising expenses increased from £199,926 in 2008 to £292,473 in 2009.
Despite the drop in income Simon showed a surplus in 2009 of £322,432, up from £305,978. Net assets also increased to £3.1 million.
The latest campaign will stress that there is a positive answer to homelessness and there are options other than sleeping on the streets. As well as funding, Simon is hoping to recruit volunteers from the campaign.