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Parkinson's Disease Society in donor acquisition drive

Howard Lake | 6 December 2008 | News

The Parkinson’s Disease Society is trying to recruit new donors from cold audiences with a national ‘and-raiser’ direct marketing campaign devised by direct-to-digital agency TDA. The campaign aims to make contact and build a dialogue with people who have an empathy with the disease.
Press ads running in national newspapers and consumer magazines invite people to contact the charity to request DVDs, booklets and newsletters which provide information about the condition and research funded by the PDS. Respondents will form a database of potential contacts for future fundraising activity.
Press advert for Parkinson's Disease Society
Press advert for Parkinson's Disease Society
“Most of our supporters have a close friend or relative with Parkinson’s disease, but it can be difficult to pinpoint these people,” said Lorna Robertson-Reed at the PDS. With this campaign, she added, “first and foremost we are able to fulfil our vision of supporting people with Parkinson’s as well as their friends, families and carers. In addition, we are able to create warm relationships with an audience that shares our desire to help people affected by the condition.”