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Ask for donations instead of birthday presents, suggests Cancer Research UK

Howard Lake | 18 January 2011 | News

Cancer Research UK is encouraging people to mark celebrations by requesting charitable donations instead of gifts. The suggestion will appear on an A5 insert for consumer press, including titles such as The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Woman and Home and Good Housekeeping. The campaign begins on 22 January.
The approach has been developed by engagement marketing agency TDA. The insert is designed to look like a birthday card, and explains how people can set up a fundraising page at www.giveincelebration.org, which they can personalise by adding a message or photos. They can then use the website to invite friends and family to donate to Cancer Research UK, instead of giving presents for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or other special occasion.
The insert’s message is: “Your birthday celebration could help someone survive cancer and be there for theirs.”
Sarah Pickersgill, Senior Marketing Manager at Cancer Research UK, said: “Birthdays, weddings and anniversaries are times for celebration and for giving presents, but they also provide an opportunity to do something generous and thoughtful at the same time – contributing to the fight against cancer. Give in Celebration provides the perfect alternative gift option and will help Cancer Research UK to continue its life-saving work.”