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Celebrities 'push the envelope' for National Literacy Trust

Howard Lake | 25 September 2008 | News

Some of Britain’s top actors, writers, illustrators, actors, and sportspeople have designed envelopes which will be auctioned off to raise funds for the National Literacy Trust (NLT).
Pitney Bowes Pushing The Envelope - by Ben Kingsley
Now in its fifth year, the ‘Pitney Bowes Pushing the Envelope’ charity auction has attracted contributions including a risque sketch of truncheon-wielding policemen drawn by ‘Vera Drake’ director Mike Leigh OBE, and designs by flamboyant artist Grayson Perry and ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ author Tracey Chevalier.
Will Wright, creator of SimCity and the much debated ‘Spore’ game which was released this week, has contributed a characteristic schematic circuitry design.
Pitney Bowes Pushing The Envelope - by Helen Craig
Pitney Bowes Pushing The Envelope - by Michael Heath
The designed envelopes will be auctioned on in a 10-day auction starting on 7 October 2008. In the UK, all funds raised will be donated to the National Literacy Trust.