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Deborah Meaden’s day of trading raises funds for Lendwithcare.org

Howard Lake | 17 January 2014 | News

Businesswoman and entrepreneur Deborah Meaden spent a day trading the City’s financial markets to raise funds for CARE International’s microfinance initiative, Lendwithcare.org.
Starting with an initial balance of £2,500, donated by City Index, all of her investments paid off. She made a return on investment of 39%, adding £970.94 to the original sum, resulting in a donation of £3,470.94 for Lendwithcare.
In fact, at the beginning of the trading, she announced that she would personally underwrite any losses she might make, ensuring that Lendwithcare would receive at least the initial £2,500 donation.
She said:

“Let’s take more risk and if the charity loses money, I’ll make it up. Let’s go for it!”



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Celebrity trader challenge

Ms Meaden is the latest celebrity to take part in City Index’s Celebrity Trader challenge. Each month a celebrity is invited to trade the financial markets to raise funds for their favourite charity.
Her support for Lendwithcare included a trip to see it in action in Cambodia, where she met some of the entrepreneurs who are transforming their lives with a loan.
At the beginning of the challenge she said:

“I’m here today to try to raise funds for CARE’s Lendwithcare campaign… I can go onto their website, I can find myself an entrepreneur, I can say I want to lend to them… A small sum of money for us in this country can make a massive difference to those entrepreneurs. But the thing I really love is that it’s not giving them the money, it’s lending them the money….and all of mine have paid back and I’ve reinvested in other entrepreneurs. It’s a fantastic charity.”

Photo: © CARE/Simon Jessop