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U2 to donate €9 million from concerts

Howard Lake | 30 March 2009 | News

U2 performing. Photo: Klem@s on flickr.com

U2 will donate an estimated €9m of their summer tour profits to charity, according to newspaper reports.

The band will give away 100% of their income from VIP auction ticket sales at up to 100 worldwide concerts.
Up to 600 stage-front tickets per gig are being sold off via auction, with minimum starting bids of between €95 and €1,015.

The charity-style partnership Global Fund, which helps fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, will benefit from a large donation.


Other good causes expected to receive payouts are charities focusing on Africa, the core of Bono’s campaigning.

A U2 spokeswoman said: “All of U2’s income raised from the auction of Red Zone tickets will be donated to charity.”


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