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EDM Media launches list from Oxford International Cancer Centre

Howard Lake | 15 August 2008 | News

EDM Media has launched a donor list from Oxford International Cancer Centre, the first time the charity has released its data for rental. The list holds 8,500 active donors who support the cancer charity, which aims to find cures for cancer by researching plant species for their chemo-therapeutic potential.
All the individuals have been recruited by direct mail and the file is “regularly refreshed”. As an active file, new names are added on a daily basis as they are recruited throughout the year. EDM Media say that “many donors give three or more times annually”.
List specialists EMD Media add that “the profile of donors means these individuals are hot prospects for a wide range of charity appeals, particularly cancer and health and medical orientated causes as the individuals are proven to be generous to these areas and responsive to direct mail”.
Donors constitute a mature audience, 60% female and predominantly aged 60+, retired with disposable income. They are also interested in health and vitamins, gardening, nature and animals.
The list is MPS screened. Selections can be made on activities, recency, gender and geography. There is a minimum order of 5,000 names, and the list is also available as SWAP file
The base rental costs £100 per 1000 names, with additional £10 per thousand for activity selections, and £5 per thousand on gender and geographical selection.