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New marketing and PR consultancy for charity sector

New marketing and PR consultancy Articulate will focus on community affairs for both businesses and charities.

Launched by Jenna Cox, Articulate will work for all sectors with a particular focus on corporate community and cause-related marketing. Jenna has previously worked in corporate fundraising and marketing for the British Heart Foundation and for Barnardos.

Articulate will donate the first £80 of any client’s fee to a charity of the client’s choice.


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Articulate’s current clients include The Berners Hotel in London, Business Solutions Telecomms, BlueLine Office Furniture, The Broughton-Wildins Partnership (IFA), Families for Children, The Gift of Life, Motability and the Sunflower Trust.

Articulate has teamed up with Heidi Lambert who has been running her own PR company, Heidi Lambert Communications, for the past eleven years, specialising in PR support of political issues in Brussels as well as providing PR and marketing support for companies in the UK.

The new consultancy is currently offering a free two-hour consultation consisting of a one-hour meeting and one hour follow-up, together worth £160.

Contact Jenna Cox on 01245 360 177 or Heidi Lambert on 01245 476 265.