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Hospital Saturday Fund becomes registered charity

Howard Lake | 10 July 2008 | News

The Hospital Saturday Fund, which provided one of the UK’s first health cash plans, has achieved registered charity status. With HSF health plan as its trading subsidiary, this should result in this should result in increased donations to charity. HSF health plan will be able to donate surplus cash via Gift Aid to the Fund. This year over £400,000 has been earmarked for this purpose.
The Hospital Saturday Fund was registered on 31 March 2008 with the number 1123381.
Established in 1873 by Victorian social reformer the Twelfth Earl of Meath, the Hospital Saturday Fund was so named because Saturday was the traditional day on which workers were paid their wages. Hence every Saturday workers put aside small amounts of money to contribute towards the upkeep of their local hospitals.
HSF has continued this tradition by making donations in the name of contributors to medical charities, hospitals, hospices and to some individuals whose ill health or disability has caused difficulties or who may need a piece of medical equipment to make life more comfortable.