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All around the houses

Howard Lake | 9 July 2008 | Blogs

There has been mixed news from major UK housebuilders recently.
While a number of companies are laying off staff, with reduced sales also likely to impact upon the companies contributions to charitable support, I see that four directors of Berkeley Group Holdings plc are predicted to receive payouts worth almost £60 million, over the next 18 months. The co-founder and current group managing director, Tony Pidgley, is due to receive shares worth some £31 million over the next 18 months. Finance director Rob Perrins will receive approximately £12 million of equity in the group, and Tony Carey and Greg Fry, two other directors, will receive shares worth c £9 million and £6 million respectively.
Not such good news for corporate fundraisers, but it could be OK for a few lucky major donor fundraisers.