Looking for alumni (plus!) in the USA

Howard Lake | 13 February 2009 | Blogs

The latest (free) newsletter from Information Today includes an item on a free attorney directory from Cornell’s Legal Information Institute (www.law.cornell.edu) and Justia (www.justia.com). Check out this resource on http://lawyers.law.cornell.edu. I just asked a search engine to search the site, looking for a couple of UK universities, to see if I could find any US based lawyers who had been educated in the UK.
site:http://lawyers.law.cornell.edu “cambridge university” produced some useful results – about 300, it would appear. Unfortunately, you might need to check on each entry on each page to see which one(s) match the search, but it could be a handy free resource for those of you tracking overseas alumni, and perhaps others with links to the UK
All the best

Finbar Cullen