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European Cultural Foundation overhauls grants programme

Howard Lake | 3 July 2008 | News

The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) is completely overhauling its grants programmes. The programmes are easier to understand, with a simple split between grants for individuals and grants for organisations. And application forms will be a thing of the past. The Foundation is an independent body that promotes cultural diversity, artistic creation and collaboration across Europe. The first grant scheme to benefit from the overhaul is the Artistic Projects scheme, which supports cutting edge work by organisations and individuals that provide new insights into Europe’s 21st century cultural diversity. Applications from individuals and organisations new to the Foundation are especially welcomed. Grants will range from €30,000 to €60,000.
Who can apply for Artistic Project grants?
Applications are invited from individual artists and organisations working in any artistic discipline. Individual artists must have a demonstrable track record, with at least 5 years experience in their chosen discipline. Applicants can come from within Europe or outside of it, but all projects must relate to Europe and its diversity.
What can you apply for?
Projects must be new and at their initial phase. They must show artistic originality and European relevance. All projects must be completed no later than 18 months after the grants contract has been signed, which is likely to be during November 2008.
Priority will be given to new applicants and for:
• Projects exploring a wide spectrum of European diversity: from the co-existence of traditions and peoples in one place, to migration movements and new urban, globalised diversity.
• Projects reflecting on Europeanness and European developments in an innovative way. Artists will need to comment, research, question, imagine and visualise what is happening in European society, in the cities, among and within communities, across and beyond European borders.
• Projects involving an innovative creative process and a visible end product. The Foundation is looking for artistic impressions, ideas, answers, works on how Europe should/could relate to the diversity in its communities.
• Projects that have a legacy for the future. One-off projects may still be eligible provided they can demonstrate a vision for a lasting impact in their context.
Projects should be predominantly non profit making, though some commercial element is permissible.
How to apply.
There is a brief online application sheet, and this should accompany a simple two-page (1000 words) description of who will be involved and what form the project will take and why.
Within a few weeks of the application deadline successful initial applicants will be invited to provide more information and will have about a month to do so.
More information.
The basic details of the scheme and access to the online application sheet are available at
You can also contact:
European Cultural Foundation (ECF)
Jan van Goyenkade 5
1075 HN Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel.: 00 31 20 573 38 68.
E-mail: eu******@eu******.org
Closing date: 1 September 2008.

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