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Directory of Scottish trusts published

Directory of Scottish trusts published

Finbar Cullen of prospect research specialists ResearchPlus has published a new directory of 123 Scottish grantmaking trusts.

The trusts are all registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). Cullen, who blogs about prospect research on UK Fundraising, says that none of the trusts listed appear in the Directory of Social Change’s trustfunding website as of June 2012. A few of them are included in the SCVO Directory of (2012), but he says that his report includes more information on those trusts than SCVO’s publication.

Nine of the trusts are newly registered, so there are no accounts available for them yet.

The majority are established grant-making trusts. Of these 21 trusts’ details are based on accounts from 2008, 35 on accounts from 2009, 27 on accounts from 2010, and 31 entries are based on accounts from 2011. The full list includes 27 trusts that are also limited companies.

Grant opportunities

The 120 trusts for which ResearchPlus has acquired accounts have an annual income range to over £5 million.

* 10 are between £1,000,000 and just over £5,000,000.

* 43 are from £100,000 to just under 1,000,000.

* Three of the trusts awarded grants amounting to over £1,000,000.

* 35 awarded grants amounting to over £100,000, and below £1,000,000.

* Two trusts have total assets of over £10,000,000

* 49 have total assets of over £1,000,000, but below 10,000,000.

Information on trusts

Trusts are listed with, where available, the following information: charity number, charity name, correspondent, address, phone, fax, website, email, accounting period, gross income, objects, geographical spread/main operating location, charitable purposes, grants awarded, grants total, assets, trustees – names and brief biographies, wealth information, application process and timings, and other notes.

The Directory is available to nonprofit organisations for £75, and nonprofit organisations with an annual income of less than £5 million are charged only £50. To freelancer researchers it costs £100. There is no VAT charged.

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