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Congratulations Waterstones!

Howard Lake | 24 June 2008 | Blogs

I love Waterstones “What’s your story” fundraising idea see www.waterstones.com. Sorry it is now too late for you to enter, but you can still read the stories on line, including mine. All profits go to Dyslexia Action and English PEN – two appropriate charities.
I particularly like the fact it is innovative, deals with stories (which are so important in fundraising) and has a great on-line set up to complement the in-store activity. Oh, and the stories will be in their windows too, which is so hard to persuade retailers to do as that space is invaluable to them.
And there are prizes for a few of the entrants, but more importantly the process ends in a book of postcards people can send to each other, sold in their shops.
What’s not to like?