Is the NHS ready for a “Get Off Your BUTT Day” Challenge?

Howard Lake | 19 August 2009 | Blogs

I’ve just finished reading an article in The Telegraph that describes a report by Dr Steve Boorman, an occupational health expert, for the Department of Health suggesting that NHS staff should be challenged to lose weight, give up smoking, eat more healthily and take more exercise.

His report also “recommends that the NHS set up an “activity challenge” either as an annual event or as a “cumulative, measured, activity goal”.

Well, I thought, well, this must present a great opportunity for savvy challenge events managers, particularly those working for health-related causes, to leap out of their chairs, sprint down to Whitehall and be the first to offer to customise a series of adrenalin invoking, fat-busting, fag-stomping, endorphin-releasing fundraising challenges for those naughty doctors and nurses that should know better!


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So, who will be first to launch a “Get of your BUTT Day” for the NHS?

John Thompson
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