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Innovative DOOH fundraising campaigns examples

Innovative DOOH fundraising campaigns examples

As a fundraiser, I like to keep on top and look for new ways to innovate in fundraising. I came across these interactive OOH fundraising campaigns, which are a mixture of awareness and fundraising campaigns. They display a strong message as well as generating money for hugely important causes.

1. Swedish Red Cross

‘Put your foreign coins to good use and help someone while having fun’



Airports are full of foreign currencies from people returning from holiday. The Swedish Red Cross made making donating and the time waiting for bags in baggage arrival a fun experience, by rebuilding the donation boxes at two airports in Sweden to arcade classics. You can play with whatever foreign coins you have.

This is an example of an innovative campaign, as everyone knows the boredom experience at baggage arrival, especially if bags are delayed, so providing a form of entertainment which goes to a good cause seems a no brainer. Why don’t all airports have them?!

2. Women’s Aid – London

‘If you can see it, you can change it’


Women’s Aid from Ocean Outdoor on Vimeo.


The idea of this powerful campaign – don’t turn a blind eye to domestic violence. It only takes one person to notice the problem to start making a change. The ad raises awareness of domestic violence and the role of women’s aid, and shows people in a really clear way that we can end domestic violence together.

This London campaign demonstrates the power of technology. Using facial recognition technology, it detects who is looking at the ad, and for the bruisers to begin to heal, the more people that look at the poster the more the face will return to normal.

It also drives donations as everyone in proximity to the poster will receive a message via WEVE that will encourage them to donate to Women’s Aid.

3. Fashion Revolution – Berlin

‘People care when they know’



People want fashion for a bargain. But this campaign questions whether people would still buy it if they knew how it was made? A T-shirt booth in a central square in Berlin was selling T-shirts for €2. When shoppers inserted money, images of the women making the cheap clothes appear on screen showing their poor working conditions and the low pay they receive. The shopper is then asked if they still want to buy the T-shirt, or choose to donate the money instead. This is a good example of influencing consumer donation behaviour by tapping in to our shared compassion and humanity we have for one another.

If you come across any other examples – please do share!


Vicky Reeves is Managing Director Digital at digital and direct fundraising agency WPN Chameleon, where a highly talented team of 55 people operates across all areas of digital, direct marketing and DRTV.

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