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Hospice sets €1 million target for Sunflower Days

Howard Lake | 27 May 2008 | News

The Irish Hospice Foundation is aiming to raise €1 million next month with its Sunflower Days campaign. The Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) co-ordinates the event for the hospice movement.
RTÉ’s veteran personality Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh, in launching the two day fundraising campaign, asked people to come out and support their local hospice by volunteering as collectors. All money raised locally from the sale of sunflower pins and sunflower seeds for €2 each, stays locally.
The use of the funds depends on the needs of each area — in some areas it is used to fund home care services and in others, it will be invested in the hospice.
There are 22 home care teams around the country employing 150 specialist palliative care nurses. Hospice chief executive Eugene Murray said there was a dependence on the voluntary sector, supported by the public, to contribute 33% of home cares. In Galway, 100% of the home care service is covered through fundraising.
Mr Murray urged people to volunteer to raise funds for their local hospice on Sunflower Days — June 13 and June 14.