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StreetSmart restaurant campaign total passes £3m

Howard Lake | 24 April 2008 | News

StreetSmart logo - one pound coin as a dish with a knife and fork on either side

StreetSmart, the campaign which encourages diners to add a voluntary £1 donation per table towards helping homeless people, has now raised over £3 million since it began 10 years ago. The money has been donated to over 150 homeless organisations in 18 cities across the UK.
The 2007 campaign raised £455,000, and was supported by diners at restaurants such as Oxo Tower, Nobu, Smiths of Smithfield and Baltic. During the November/December campaign restaurants including Wild Honey, Skylon and Café Anglais joined the campaign for the first time, bringing the total to over 500.
The campaign’s sponsors, Deutsche Bank, cover all StreetSmart’s administrative costs, so the campaign can claim that “every single £1 raised is distributed directly to projects dedicated to helping the homeless”.