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Searching older editions of the online Sunday Times Rich List

Searching older editions of the online Sunday Times Rich List

It is still possible to search older editions of the online Sunday Times Rich List, even though this is not immediately obvious when you visit the STRL website.

For a keyword search using Bristol, try this on your favourite search engine:

site: Bristol

Use the keyword of your choice, and this will search various editions at the same time.

If you want to access older editions, and use the normal search function for each year, try this:,,2007-1,00.html 2007,,2006-1,00.html 2006,,2005-1,00.html 2005,,2004-1,00.html 2004,,2003-1,00.html 2003,,2002-1,00.html 2002

It is possible that the next edition of the top 5,000 will be available in an electronic format. Here’s hoping

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  • admin

    Thanks Finbar. Hadn’t spotted that way of searching the list.

    And that character space before your chosen keyword does matter, I’ve just discovered. Without it, the search doesn’t work.

  • mathewiredale

    Excellent tip, you old pro you.

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