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trade aid for disaster hit countries

Howard Lake | 13 March 2008 | News

Crowd explore a teachers box, in Kenya
Opening a teacher’s box

Volunteers from a Lincolnshire-based Rotary club are appealing for organisations to support their new Trade Aid Box Scheme, aimed at giving disaster survivors in developing countries the means to rebuild their lives and communities.
Trade Aid boxes, each filled with a carefully selected collection of brand new tools and equipment for a chosen trade, help tradespersons generate a livelihood for themselves and take an active roles in regenerating areas after a disaster or establishing communities in underdeveloped countries.
Members of the Rotary Club of Grantham Kesteven established the Trade Aid Trust Fund last October and since then nearly 30 boxes have been dispatched to Swaziland, South Africa, Kenya and most recently Zambia.
Six types of trade box have so far been developed: builder, carpenter, mechanic, teacher, blacksmith and tailor/seamstress.
Rotarian John Asher, who developed the concept, said: “These are often people who have lost all their possessions in a disaster or who do not have the means to purchase what they need to develop their abilities. If one person can work, they can support up to 30 or 40 members of their extended family.”
Boxes can be sponsored by charities, schools, businesses or individuals and suggestions for areas of identified need are welcome.
Visit www.trade-aid.org for more information.

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