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UK YouTube broadcasters can now earn income

Howard Lake | 21 February 2008 | Blogs

UK users of video-sharing website YouTube can now sign up to earn a share of their videos’ advertising income. The YouTube Partnership Programme has expanded from the USA and Canada to the UK, with the result that charities that publish videos on the site could be among those earning an income from them.
The criteria for being selected as a partner include:
creating “”original videos suitable for online streaming.
owning the copyrights and distribution rights “for all audio and video content that you upload — no exceptions”.
* and regularly uploading videos “that are viewed by thousands of YouTube users”.
As with Google AdSense which shares advertising revenue with partner website publishers, the income is unlikely to be huge in most cases. Nevertheless, Google, YouTube’s owner, told The Guardian that “some partners were earning several thousand dollars a month from videos on the site.”
This raises the concept of a fundraising video, for example, raising additional income simply from associated adverts on YouTube.
Let’s hope Google extends the service further to benefit charities in particular. For example, it could include an option for all partners to donate some or all of their income to one or more charities.
Have any charities earned any income from this partnership programme since it launched in the UK on 31 January 2008? Let us know.