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Help the Hospices' URL to appear on 33 million letters

Howard Lake | 30 January 2007 | News

The website address of Help the Hospices is about to gain considerable publicity when it appears on about 33 million letters passing through the postal system each week. The envelopes will feature the text “Royal Mail Supports Hospice Care –” during February, after the Royal Mail Group introduces a new stamp cancellation mark to publicise its partnership with the national charity for the hospice movement.

The new special edition “stamp cancellation mark” is being introduced to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

Visitors to the website will find more information about the partnership and be encouraged to make an online donation to Help the Hospices.


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On Welsh letters, the stamp cancellation mark will appear in both English and Welsh.

Denyse Busby-Earle, Director of Engagement and Inclusion at Royal Mail Group, said: “Our partnership with Help the Hospices, which is our first official charity partnership, has been extremely successful to date and we’re very proud of it…

“We feel that now is a very good time to raise awareness another notch – not least because during February many people will be examining their cancellation marks closely to get a clue as to who might have sent them a Valentine’s card!”

To date, the partnership has generated over £700,000 for Help the Hospices and individual local hospices around the UK.