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World Vision relaunches online affiliate programme for gift catalogue

Howard Lake | 8 November 2004 | News

World Vision has relaunched its online affiliate programme to promote its Alternative Gift Catalogue.

World Vision’s Alternative Gift Catalogue encourages supporters to buy gifts for Christmas with a difference. For example, shoppers can buy three chickens for £15 which will be given to a family in poverty in the developing world. In return the charity sends a personalised card the person on whose behalf the gift was made.

World Vision returns for the second year running to using the online affiliate marketing system of UKaffiliates.com. Participating Web site owners will earn 10% of sales generated, and they can benefit from a 30-day cookie. This means that they will earn income from someone who clicked through from their site to the World Vision site but didn’t get round to making a donation/payment for another 29 or 30 days.


Why your supporters are wealthier than you think... Course by Catherine Miles. Background photo of two sides of a terraced street of houses.

Banner ads and buttons available include:

World Vision also uses online affiliate marketing to promote its child sponsorship fundraising.