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Red Cross launch new online shop

Howard Lake | 6 November 2006 | News

The British Red Cross has launched a new online shop enabling the public to choose from 1,500 products including Christmas gifts and cards, first aid products, educational publications and independent living products.

The online shop has been developed by website development agency Baigent, which has been working with the Red Cross since May 2001. Until now the British Red Cross had focused on mail order and telephone as retail channels.

Facilities on the site include a display of the most popular products based on real-time basket data. Shoppers are also encouraged to make a top-up donation when buying.


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Dorothea Arndt, new media manager at the Red Cross said: “This is the first year that our Independent Living and First Aid products have been available to purchase online alongside our seasonal catalogue of gifts and cards. We believe that this is an important development to increase the sales and profits that fund our work.”

She added: “”The online shop is fully integrated with our fulfilment agency, Braywood, and carries the latest stock levels to ensure it gives the best experience to shoppers. The back-office tools mean it is easy for us to administer and use for internal purchasing – both of which help keep costs down and maximize the profits which fund our work.”