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WER's Indonesian earthquake appeal uses online, newspapers and direct mail

WER responded to last month’s Indonesian earthquake, working with its agency Cascaid through the bank holiday weekend, by pulling together an emergency mailing, press adverts and a dedicated website, named red-e – www.red-e.org.uk – that allows donors to give directly to WER’s appeal.

The red-e.org.uk website had been set up in advance by WER and Cascaid so that the charity could be ready for such a situation. The name is word play on the word ‘ready’, as well has highlighting the red ‘e’ in the WER logo.

Donors who give online can choose to receive regular email updates on how their donation is being used.


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Press adverts have also been placed in national broadsheets as well as London newspapers and have a minimum suggested ask of £30 and further prompts for £50 and £100.

The direct mail appeal was sent to 70,000 WER supporters with a suggested ask of £20-£30.

Cascaid’s Roger Lawson, Data & Planning Director, said: “We know from experience that speed is critical in running a successful emergency appeal. We worked previously with WER to be ready for exactly this kind of eventuality.”