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eBay for Charity opens up to UK charities

Howard Lake | 28 November 2005 | News

eBay for Charity, the new initiative that allows individuals to sell items on eBay to benefit charities, has opened its services to UK charities after its launch partnership with BBC Children in Need.

eBay for Charity, a partnership between MissionFish UK and, enables charities to benefit from buying and selling on eBay.

It allows individuals to sell items and donate between 10 and 100% of the proceeds to charity. In addition it enables charities to sell their merchandise or donated goods online, either individually or via a branded shop front.


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Already over 200 charities have registered to benefit from the scheme, and eBay users are being encouraged to list their items on the trading site to benefit one of these charities.

All items listed by a charity will be distinguished from other eBay listings by a blue and yellow eBay for Charity ribbon which appears next to the title of the item and in search results. In addition, every item includes the charity’s logo and mission statement, along with a link to your MissionFish charity homepage. In this way, a charity can use its presence on eBay to promote its work and need for support, as well as directly generating income.

In the USA the top-selling charity item to date has been TV presenter Jay Leno’s signed Harley Davidson motorcycle, which sold for $800,100 (£432,000).

To benefit from eBay for Charity, UK charities need to register with MissionFish UK.

MissionFish and eBay will be presenting details of their new service at tomorrow’s UK Fundraising Perfec Pitch – Gift Aid in London.