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Idealware publishes survey of US online donation tools

Howard Lake | 24 November 2005 | News

Idealware, the new US website that publishes “candid” and independent reviews and articles about software of interest to nonprofits, has published its first free guide entitled “Donate Now: Selecting an Online Donation Tool”.

The report contains reviews of twenty-seven lower-priced online software tools that accept donations from an existing website.

The reviewers paint an optimistic view of the marketplace: “what we found was good news”, they said. “Many affordable tools are also powerful, friendly, and flexible.”


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The report includes recommended tools based on volume of transactions and budget available.

The report, available at no charge once you register your details, offers recommendations for on selecting online donation tools, as well as a method to choose the right tool for your organisation.

The report is available online and as a PDF download. The online version includes a feedback facility whereby readers can add their own comments and suggest other online donation tools they have found useful.

The is explicitly focused on the US nonprofit sector, but much of its advice can be applied to other countries.