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TechSoup Global and GuideStar International combine operations

Howard Lake | 19 April 2010 | News

Two international online information and resources services are to combine operations to improve their effectiveness in capacity building for charities and nonprofits. TechSoup Global, the U.S.-based nonprofit organisation that provides technology resources and knowledge to charities and nonprofits around the world, and GuideStar International, the UK-registered charity that promotes transparency and civil society organisation are formally combining operations.
The TechSoup Global Network reaches more than 100,000 civil society organisations in 32 countries. Its co-CEO Rebecca Masisak said: “Both GuideStar International and TechSoup Global have created contribution economies — networks of far-reaching partnerships with foundations and corporations, governments, and NGOs — and over the years we have developed a deep respect for one another’s work. As our paths crossed and our approach naturally converged, it became clear that by formally combining our operations, we can work together more efficiently and powerfully for global good.”
GuideStar International supports a network of GuideStar operations in six countries with several more being developed. It will continue to operate as a UK registered charity with a focus on development and promotion of GuideStar reporting services. Over the next 24 months, TechSoup Global will take the lead in enterprise-level strategy, technology architecture, and integration. Buzz Schmidt, founder and chair of GuideStar International, will join TechSoup Global’s board of directors.
GuideStar USA, an independent nonprofit organisation, is not a party to this partnership, but “will work closely with TechSoup Global and GuideStar International.”
The combined operations will focus on developing and strengthening a coordinated and sustainable global network, as well as building on-the-ground capacity in Europe.