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Defeating Deafness rebrands

Howard Lake | 11 September 2005 | News

Defeating Deafness, the UK’s medical research charity for deaf and hard of hearing people, has today changed its name to Deafness Research UK.

Launching the new identity, the charity’s Chief Executive, Vivienne Michael, said: “Deafness research is on the brink of some momentous breakthroughs. Within five years we may well be able to slow the advance of age-related hearing loss and, within the next ten to fifteen years there could even be a cure for deafness.

“Because we rely entirely on public support, we need to ensure that our name and branding reflects our national status and the unique role we play in pioneering high quality research.


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“Market research showed that our old name simply didn’t convey this effectively and was preventing us from getting our message across to new audiences.”

London-based brand and design agency, Spencer du Bois, won a credentials pitch to create a new look to accompany the charity’s new name.

Director, Max du Bois, said: “We could see that the charity had an impressive track record of identifying key research and delivering results but was relatively little known to the wider public. We wanted to capture the charity’s “stand out” and “stand for” qualities and the essence of the promise its work holds for millions of people.”

The launch of the new identity coincides with the publication of a study aimed at raising awareness of the poor treatment of tinnitus sufferers in the UK.