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Islamic Aid launch appeal to coincide with Ramadan

Howard Lake | 4 September 2005 | News

Islamic Aid’s appeal includes an email from its chairman Mahmood Hassan with suggested giving levels of £15, £75, and £1,300.

Mr Hassan explains in the email message that “It is our duty to Allah (swt) to help those in need”. He encourages recipients: “Please send your Zakah, Sadaqah, Lillah, Zakatul-fitr and other donations today.”

The message is brief and plain, except for a graphic banner ad at the bottom promoting and linking to an online direct debit facility. Indeed, the message concludes with a promotion of online direct debits: “You can maximise your reward this Ramadan by signing up an online Direct Debit to give every month for those in need.”


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Religious festivals are of course often a good opportunity with which to engage with some supporters and to make a fundraising request.