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Charity Commission issues advice on spotting genuine registered charities ahead of Ramadan

The Charity Commission has issued its annual advice to help British Muslims continue giving to genuine registered charities this Ramadan.
The Commission often issues advice on safer giving around religious festivals and in the wake of major public appeals such as those created in response to this week’s terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena. It has been advising on giving at Ramadan since 2011.
The Commission has published several steps for people to take to check before they give, to ensure their zakat goes where it is intended this Ramadan, which gets underway today.

£100m giving during Ramadan

The Muslim Charities Forum estimates that Muslims across Britain donate around £100m during Ramadan. The top three causes that benefit from zakat are reported to be disaster relief, children and education.
Monowara Gani, Director of Operations at the Muslim Charities Forum said: “We know that Muslims in Britain take their zakat duties very seriously and are enormously generous in their charitable giving, especially at Ramadan. Around £100m is donated each year during Ramadan across Britain. We at MCF see first-hand the difference that generosity makes. That’s why we are endorsing the Commission’s campaign and encouraging Muslims [in the UK] to check before they give to ensure you are giving to a genuine registered charity and that your zakat is going where it is intended.”

How to give safely

The Charity Commission advises:


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